Tiffannia Grant is dedicated to helping women who’ve faced challenges, heartbreaks, defeats and failures to unleash their greatest potential and use their life experiences and unique gifts to change their lives and community. As a woman who has experienced many challenges I understand your story and I’ve got you covered.

About Tiffannia

“I have always believed that a woman’s life experience is one of the many undiscovered treasures she posses.”  -Tiffannia

A woman who has defeated odds, stepped over stereotypes, and transcended barriers. At the age of 16 she became a teen mom, but refused to become a statistic. Tiffannia’s life came to a stop when her daughter at two years old, was in need of a liver transplant. Within just a few years life came crashing down once again, with her daughter needing three additional liver transplants. While dealing with her daughter’s illness, Tiffannia was battling with physical and emotional abuse. With her new found faith she received the will power to push pass fear and brokenness to believe for a brighter future. Just a couple of years later, Tiffannia found herself in a emotionally abusive relationship that created deeper wounds that destroyed her self worth and shredded her heart. After a devastating breakup…Tiffannia the fighter was born!

In 2005, Tiffannia reached a turning point in her life where she discovered that she was created to be a solution and not a problem. Every moment of pain developed her passion to help women overcome brokenness, life challenges, failures and rediscover their passion and purposes in life. After years of defining herself with only a GED and a few college credits, Tiffannia desired more out of life and finally achieved a Bachelor of Arts at Trinity International University. She discovered her speaking voice and in 2011 founded Girlfriends International. A sisterhood organization that empower and edify women to maximize their potential.

In addition, Tiffannia is a Minister and Mentor who has partnered with various organizations to mentor young girls and women. She finds her greatest pleasure in giving back through sharing her life experiences. She currently resides in South Florida with her family.

You can find more information on how to book Tiffannia as a speaker at tiffanniagrant.info@gmail.com. 


Closed Doors …

Have you every prayed, fast and believed God for a door to be opened and without any explanation the door that was slightly opened was shut and bolted with maybe 3 or 4 locks?

This year I️ experienced this several times over. It seemed like every time I would step out on faith and believe God. Disappointment, fear, rejection and discouragement stood right next to me while I waited. And after experiencing so many closed doors my heart grew fearful to believe God again but because I know God to be faithful and true to His promises I believed Him anyway.
It really takes relationship to trust God in a season of uncertainty. As believers we will face many trials, testing, difficulties and hard, hard times. We must not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up. Because we know that the testing of our faith produces endurance… The battles that you are fighting is not just physical but spiritual and the enemy knows if you stand on the Word he (enemy) cannot prove God to be a unfaithful. You see, the overall picture is to get you to curse God and die (spiritual) like Job. The enemy goal is to cause you to forsake God and lose your salvation. If you are discouraged my friend do not give up! God is true and faithful. He will not leave you or forsake you.

I can honestly say, although It was tough, I grow spiritually. I endured the process and God blessed me and my family with more than what we deserved.

Peace and love,


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